360 mobile phone assistant initiative “social distribution” advised Zhou Hongyi think again

the latest mobile Internet is calm, there are no major storm, but the new version of 360 mobile phone assistant or a little a lot of flutter. Them this new version 3.0 has a nickname called “social edition”, there are four social distribution model. After hearing these words who first thought of you, that’s right, it is a penguin. In this world, who do social tencent could agree, only 360 can not accept.

I want to say to Lao zhou: 360 to play social distribution, will no longer think about it, it was destined to tencent containment, really want to see? “Social” has already started to alpha and application market mode of “social distribution”, including distributed “friends”, “location distribution”, “distribution” face to face and distribute “personality” and the precise APP distribution way, mining the relation between friends, LBS location, face-to-face communication and other social functions. I specially consulted a senior developer do sports social APP, he thinks, the movement of the 360 mobile phone assistant “social distribution” mode will change the existing way of APP distribution, make the APP distribution is more accurate. Understand the thoughts of Lao zhou, we might be able to think about this question from two Angle.

suspense 1 : personalized mobile distribution can become mainstream?

open any a phone helper class software, all software users to see the game all the same, and each user’s interests are different. Smartphone users will have such distress: conventional several APP has been installed, always feel that lack of what. Sometimes I don’t know which APP, friends are playing themselves Out again?

for APP distribution platform, the location of the home page, each classification column also couldn’t get enough of the APP in the first screen to display, this makes many excellent APP buried in large database platform, users can’t find them. “Social distribution” let 360 mobile phone assistant is not only a mobile application distribution tools, and become truly personalized distribution platform. Each user can see the “recommendation” each are not identical.

at present, only 360 mobile phone assistant support personalized distribution. Follow other opponents of the future, the unknown for the time being.

suspense 2 : 360 play “social distribution” onboard or instead?

in recent years, the android platform for each type of APP, the application distribution platform to show the position is quite limited, which could cause the APP do well, but users cannot see on distribution platform, resulting in no takers, few download. An APP for application distribution platform recommended difficult position, therefore, make personalized recommendation to APP distribution is likely to make the APP.

, according to media reports in 2014 mobile application distribution market pattern of the dust settles, 360 mobile phone assistant with strong channel capacity to hold the position of the first. Earlier this year, analysys think-tank and iresearch authority, according to a report issued by the market share of the first 360 mobile phone assistant, and far more than the second twice the amount of baidu distribution system platform.

mobile Internet observers, join social elements in the distribution platform, that is on a distributed platform organically produced countless personalized distribution nodes, the value of the platform, multiply into geometric level also to the value of the user. “This is the last extensive APP distribution pattern to personalized, fine distribution model”, the mobile Internet observers believe.

social distribution more than 360 mobile phone assistant around 3.0 version of the first mode of “social distribution” tried to use the social relationship between people and expectations, to increase the use of the user viscosity, increased the demand for the use of the APP, for distribution platform, the distribution of more efficient. Social or social, it doesn’t really matter, but enhance the user through social properties using viscosity, this is the best at 360, were also more likely to succeed.

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