360 gree ali incarnate blue cluster, the mobile phone market space

hunting cloud network on December 26 (word/water Yan)

in the smartphone market because all kinds of big events, the first 360 cool joint venture to create “great spirit” brand, and then spread and millet as gree ready to push a smartphone, moreover, a source says ali cloud to do their own mobile phone brand, then it is newly launched the meizu incarnate blue note and incarnate blue brands.

the smartphone market ushered in the new round of war, but next year is in the ceiling of the smartphone market in China. Although at the end of the shopping season, spirit’s blue note 2 million reservations 24 hour compared to the original red m note two days break must, have revealed the relevant market information. Of course this also and has a large number of competing goods on the market, consumers are increasingly mature, meizu cattle market is still in the testing phase.

so the mobile phone market and how much space can meet all the big adventure, crossing the river by feeling for the stones to try?

, high-end midrange has been saturated, one thousand yuan machine began to homogenize, what advantages do you have?

the domestic smartphone brand in high-end machine has the advantages of only a backgammon, OPPO, huawei, lenovo, are also concentrated operation for many years to have a base of high-end. Cool, zte, millet in the field of high-end future still unclear.

the phone field in the end, after two years, up to one thousand yuan machine in the popularization, the signs of saturation was already quite clear. Miracle is unlikely to occur in this and the last is only one thousand yuan machine market, and even within 500 yuan to be developed by the mobile phone market.

with the double Moore effect, the maturity of the smartphone industry chain, the experience of one thousand yuan level quality has begun to midrange phones by qi, in 4 g, 64 – bit processors change under the ripening, one thousand yuan machine market by the characteristics of quick replacement, has a big development space.

but now that you have homogeneity, as a mobile phone manufacturer what advantage you can get hit in the homogeneity of the edge?

experience is a foundation, brand channels decide the future

everybody wants to compete for more chassis, who can incoming who will be out? The first step of evaluation into the bureau of standards, no doubt is the quality of your products and experience.

the meizu personalized process design, the balance of millet experience, the optimization of huawei, after 360 partnership with cool also got the ticket, ali cloud the underlying optimization advantage has long been a problem. Only gree is a mystery, of course, gree phones really do or not is still a problem, we hope that he does have the project. How can he get a ticket?

the current scheme are: cooperate with ali, baidu, frog, buy third-party vendors system optimization scheme. The current TCL walk before is a kind of scheme, lenovo is the second scheme for the low-end pause.

two effects are good, so the entrance ticket is not too difficult to take, would just yourself out of resources, is to protect their own interests. Then the next thing you need to brand and channel.

to know the product homogeneity, is almost the same price, the key factors of most consumers to buy only the brands and channels. After all, most people are not professional, not to contrast the nuances of the products.

in these two aspects, the first win is huawei. As long as it doesn’t appear any major issues, product technology greatly catch, to huawei patriotic powers to the state do credit to the brand image, “private enterprise” and clean, it is no reason not to win.

millet in the high-end products, 399, offline channels (hunting cloud network has into the analysis to this); Meizu’s Connect to Meizu; The intelligence of 360 hardware, software and hardware platform; Ali’s operator channels; Gree offline channels and miss dong big marketing. The biggest variable such as future market.

product experience platoon now on to get a ticket, and finally get a seat. While on the road of channels, channels gree to exert their own advantages, sea series products become the most likely choice, just how to allow the user to remember?

the weakness of the ali system mobile phone status, how to get offline channels, in the political reform of the present become the another variable.

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