360 former star executive business, a meal for one hundred million yuan investment

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“do any products the most important thing is to forget the things you want to express from the start, forget what you want to grab from the user’s victory. To consider is how to meet the needs of users, how to let more people to use you.”

today’s mobile Internet, everywhere after 90 grassroots entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, there are similar to the face of this kind of the products. “Rich” and “tens of millions of users” and “million dollar financing” make business a lot of young people’s first choice after graduation. Capital market also aimed at this area, and constantly looking for and invest in new projects undertaking.

in addition, there are some big company star executives from the original post, create your own company and team. Compared with the entrepreneurial teams, they walked more steady, grasp user spot for the users, strategic analysis of the market as well as the application of team, management, capital, etc., also have more experience than start-ups.

5 years ago, li tao to join the 360, 360 from a startup with zhou became one worth millions of dollars in listed companies. Tenure in 360, he was responsible for 360 of the international business, and skill form 360 wireless business, made three mobile phone users over billions of mobile Internet 360 security guards, 360 mobile phone assistant and 360.

in May this year, as the vice President li tao from 360 starting my own business. Previous work experience, in his business form, product positioning, marketing and personnel and capital, are given a great help.

do a what kind of product?

1, the product positioning of mobile Internet and internationalization.

as early as in 09 360 started doing PC security as li tao to Zhou Hongyi suggested that the future of the Internet service will be based on the mobile, he is willing to start from scratch to help build a wireless product line and wireless 360 team. 360 the success of wireless products, also proved that li tao’s judgment is right.

before this startup, Li Taoceng take a year to visit the visited North America, southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe and other dozens of countries of the region. These countries gave him the biggest feeling is: the pattern of global mobile Internet market, are to the global economic landscape evolution, namely the poles of China and the United States and the world. He thinks, the next three to five years, the global mobile Internet will be divided into three parts, the United States, China and the global mobile Internet.

although China mobile Internet market is a market, 800 million users, but hundreds of thousands of companies in the market competition is fierce. About 2.5 billion to 3 billion and other global markets, market space, in addition to the United States and Europe, most of the countries 2-5 years behind China. This created an opportunity: three times in the Chinese market, but few competitors.

in addition, the overseas market to have a domestic public relations campaign, spat, relatively more simple and pure.

so li tao venture identified two key words: mobile Internet and internationalization.

“flower wall inside the wall sweet” phenomenon is not rare, such as cheetahs, UC, touch and other companies, have chosen will be as one of their main position in overseas markets. Company so layout, on the one hand, because of huge overseas market opportunities, on the other hand is different from the domestic competition, overseas market development lags behind, competition is not much, as long as the deep, there will be results; Again, for the protection of intellectual property rights in overseas markets is larger, copying and piracy less likely.

2, why and how to make a desktop Luncher products?

as the most important interface and user interaction, desktop and the importance of self-evident. It almost to the app store, micro letter, custom roms, browser and called mobile Internet portal. Li tao then decided to the direction of the business on the desktop Luncher.

in fact as early as 2010, Luncher products have been popular in the market. For example listed long bond to the success of digital’s products Go desktop, such as 91 desktop, android desktop, desktop, QQ, or even 360 oneself also launched a 360 desktop. In addition to the application class desktop, similar to the depth of the beautiful MIUI custom Android operating system also emerge. Li tao why choose entrepreneurship from Luncher laid hands on him?

he said that China’s desktop market is very young, at a very early age has been big company divided up; There is a wrong direction, but these products are aimed at the desktop beautification, personalization, customization, and these are the user experience of the lowest frequency function, not all users every day to do such action. He business desktop Luncher APUS (Chinese name “swift”) main “to” three point two: capture user pain points, dessert, bright spot, the product perfectly and delicate.

APUS main function is to clean up speed, smart folders, and application of radar. Compared with similar products at dozens of installation package, APUS to remove the function of mad, just more than 1 m installation package, in the practical experience, the speed is much faster than similar products, this is the product of pain points; APUS will clean up speed up to do at the table, the user simply clicks, without entering the APP interface can complete acceleration, the usage of this feature is that every user 7-8 times a day, than any other software, this is for the user’s dessert. Application of radar, in each category folder recommends corresponding applications, these applications are based on LBS, recommend new popular applications for the user, this is the product of the window.

this July APUS Launcher is released, product launches in the first week, users reached 1 million, launched two months users reached 20 million, so far, users has exceeded 30 million, nearly 8 million DAU, its retention rate is as high as 70%.

Techcrunch reported that India, Brazil is the place where most APUS users, followed by South America and the Middle East and other countries. Despite daily active users did not get the final confirmation, “the growth speed and performance is very impressive.”

money and it’s easy to find

in the book of the Chronicles of entrepreneurship has interviewed some startups, particularly start-ups, money and people to become its main problems.

but as star entrepreneurs, li tao easier to a lot of money. Because there are after their experiences and friendship, Li Taoyong in less than two days, when there is no team without product, doesn’t even have a business plan, came from investors looking for investment of one hundred million yuan. In his words, “we eat a meal and give me the money.”

in terms of team, APUS is a team of around one hundred people, half of the people from the 360 wireless job-hopping, these people are li tao ex-soldiers money. Because have the tacit understanding coordination, team set up three weeks or so, APUS launched the first edition, then keep three to four days a new version of the iteration speed.

but this team also easy to produce path dependence and do things get used to the original path, cause the lack of innovative, li tao is called “inbreeding” of the mind. As a result, the recruit, APUS hope more fresh blood into, li tao also requires the team with an open mind to accept other company personnel to join in, so as to draw experience from other products and creativity.

APUS USES early nine to nine, a day of work on Saturday. Because most of the employees from 360, so the office click in the wangjing SOHO is not far from 360. Although not more than 360 salary, but employees basic have options. In addition, different from big company rules and regulations strictly, APUS as small companies more flexible: National Day more than two days off, the company collective Halloween Party…

as mobile Internet company founder, li tao’s way of life is like all traditional enterprise bosses: like tea, only in his company, phoenix technologies met three tea set; Like bamboo, like biography, read books, friends can share a poems almost every day. He hardly see modern books, he said that these books are too utilitarian.

but also posed on his bookcase Li Wanjiang “engagement”, in order to adapt to the new change of the mobile Internet, may need more knowledge.

the company’s future: forget the interest

as a mobile Internet product, want to get more attention, will clear profit model, industry trends, founding team and other key factors. Especially the profit model, is an important measure of the company can gain recognition.

use the APUS, give the order of the phoenix technology the first feeling is that radar recommended application is its business model: application of distribution. To this, li tao denies. Application of radar is based on LBS, he said, a weak social discovery and application of recommended, recommended application will jump to the third party market rather than the APUS the Launcher to their market, so it does not do to distribute here; If the user doesn’t like this function, can choose to shut down.

so what is the APUS’s business model? Li tao’s answer was: I don’t know.

, he said, do the product as long as touched the user’s pain points, have the user; It is only with more people and any product can become a platform. So APUS do, now is the perfect product, the accumulation of the user.

“do any products the most important thing is to forget the things you want to express from the start, forget what you want to grab from the user’s victory. To consider is how to meet the needs of users, how to let more people to use you. When you put the user as the first, the user will put you in the first place, when all people put you in the first time, your commercial value is self-evident.

under the influence of 360 growth path, APUS train of thought with its close: early no business model, with free and products move, the accumulation of user, when users reach a certain level, will begin to clear business model.

li tao set goal is: to the APUS team Q1 finish 100 million users, next year at the end of 300 million users. “360 year don’t know how to make money, is to be safe, no one can understand, because no one knows how it to make money. But state of so many people in 360, it became a billions dollars of company. Any company’s business model 360 can be used to do, can even produce more new business model.” Li tao said.

li tao doesn’t believe all model is based on the mobile application on his mobile phone distribution or distribute games. In his understanding, can mobile phones have become a human organ, it can produce the value of the absolute distribution is not just a application. “People are too short-sighted, too utilitarian, just busy with how to make money from above, so there is no imagination. I’m in no hurry to business model: when there are one billion people with my products, there are millions of people to help me to find a way to how to make money.”

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