360, according to various handset makers for a new product or hype?

hunting cloud network on December 16 (word/water Yan)

on December 13, the Internet world famous artillery zhou tweeting yesterday said he would move to the south, and then 14, dongguan, shenzhen two places ask everyone, “the elder brothers exactly where”? Friends are on the evening of 13th buckle mobile phones on the way from work, all kinds of inside information, the sources begins to flow, “zhou to accept smartphone giant!”

I’m a pocket, and found a a Mao Gang penny ruthlessly fell to the ground: “MD! What also don’t let a person have a normal work!” Steel COINS still innocent in turn aside, I didn’t touch him along the way.

I also try to understand the news, all the way found clues, look at the red artillery leave any stains. I found him in a mobile phone, and then found he is cheek by jowl with Liu Zuohu recently. Continue to turn, and found that the two very much in love can be more than a day or two.

and, not surprisingly, a large number of Friday this morning billion (RMB) the news of the dowry one plus. Dear weeks cannon at a side with a face of innocent show MOE “alas ~ what’s going on there to knead?”

the power of the masses is amazing!

so really to be a large investment and 360? We regardless of whether or not he really, hypothesis is true, 360 with a respectively to get any good?

the first $1.6 billion to 360 to account for nearly half of the money spent at the end of the year, a rich, but attached to OPPO a really short of money? At least no shortage of 5 billion the price of this almost sold themselves.

in the ceiling of the domestic smartphone market next year, the smartphone market growth will peak, 360 investment at this time a smartphone makers have he yiyi? One plus of course depend on the OPPO channels in Europe and the United States in the international market, in a foreign country for the development of the wind, India — a smartphone now has just moved into new areas of growth.

don’t want to borrow one plus 360 to enter the international market, to the capital markets to more imagination space. 360 important to liquidate the business model of distributed application, search, in the international strengths to crush all the Google market, let you points minutes into a squib, moreover the software giants in India, want to do their own safety and the cloud, enterprise security and more blind.

unless 360 is recruit talented people want to go to India, to start a business. Does not exclude the possibility that, of course, but it is not enough to make 360 spend 5 billion RMB, although compared with the investment of the major Internet companies, not too much.

for one plus, at present the most need is to play with beautiful MIUI customization system, application service, 360 is not released to do customization system, but the application of relevant service a fall () in the domestic market. One plus domestic market also needs to have a strong marketing experts for its promotion platform, 360 traffic, service, marketing is a powerful complement each other.

but one plus domestic target users has been the depth, heavy Internet users, this group of people has a characteristic: don’t like 360 products, computer never install antivirus software, has been streaking. The forehead.

small white, the user’s good to earn money, ratio of one plus one thousand yuan to the machine? Or a borrow hype each other?

Zhou Hongyi moved to the south, the world has been named shenzhen hardware center, 360 did so for a long time of new hardware, this time must be committed to and for being a capital growth in the field of hardware. As a new hardware center mark smartphone, 360 must be to find a way to win.

most users for the domestic market scale effect is one thousand yuan level market, after 360, for in this field, but due to the time of the one thousand yuan poor hardware experience, while 360 nor are there any good solution from the system software, and tactics with the depth of the machine caused by the user and the exhaustion of a hardware company.

the biggest is probably 360 to launch their own custom system, support a second-line phone makers do cost-effective machine one thousand yuan, and then launch a SDK on new hardware, and a host of other connecting businesses, developers of the SDK, blow a big concept, a surprise for the capital market.

here’s one plus the latest weibo, is want to send new product hype?

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