3 d printing enterprise product! He won the first round of financing of $60 million

“first financial daily” reporter to 3 d printing portrait customization enterprise product today he confirmed, the enterprise has completed 60 million yuan in the first round of financing, the funds raised will be used in offline experience stores open in all parts of the country, and r&d online application of 3 d data APP, in the hope of the O2O mode and further expand the terminal channels.

according to product’s statues founder JiXiaoYi introduces to the reporter, he decided to do 3 d imaging in the beginning, the development of the technology and product planning has two directions: one is the hope that through 3 d scanning technology to 3 d image data of the common people, and even can accumulate to form into a huge database of big, because it than plane reservation data more comprehensive and complete, application scope is more extensive. Also is taking “star house” line, namely through 3 d image of the star in the world famous complete, can let more people to meet the desire of the close, can also be used as a movie or even animation derivatives development foundation, which will also expand a greater market space.

in the recently released movie “the great way to put,” product’s statues as the film mask design and manufacturing suppliers, provides three creative staff with 3 d portrait print mask, it will also make it become the first 3 d printing technology used in formal portrait print commercial enterprises.

according to participate in the financing of investors, although the momentum is engaged in the 3 d printing companies in the country, but always see much less. “This capital injection is mainly based on the recognition of the online business model, in addition to 3 d printing used in portrait manufacturing is expected in the future there will be a significant growth.”

on the other hand, the national policy support for the 3 d printing is also increasingly obvious. Earlier this year, the Beijing municipal science and technology commission issued “to promote the Beijing increase material manufacturing, 3 d printing science and technology innovation and industry fostering work opinion”, in 2017, Beijing’s main development goals in addition to the professional innovative applications, to promote comprehensive Beijing 3 d printing technology among the international advanced level, at the same time also will build 3 ~ 4 with enterprise as the main body, production, use of collaborative innovation in 3 d printing technology innovation research or application service platform. And according to the construction of leading enterprises as the core related printing industrial park, to foster economic growth point in the future.

from: the first financial daily

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