3 d printed a gun is not enough, the existing 3 d printing of bullets

now, 3 d printing gun is not remarkable. Based on the use of plastic and weapons method to design the 3 d printed a gun’s whim, sex, for example, if you are not careful treatment, your guns will turn into a hand grenade. However, mechanic, Michael Crumling may already have solutions.

he invented a new type of bullet, each one with barrel reinforcement device. This means that even if the gun is made of cheap plastic, as long as you use these long a caliber bullets, its barrel and fuselage after multiple shooting still tied together.

Crumling on its web site for the new bullet. 314 Atlas has published a new plan. His present job is main or cool guitar design and guns, and Atlas bullets still in early stage of development, although he has a wide range of tested them and found their operation effect is good.

mechanic wrote on his web site:

this is the bullet. 314 Atlas design draft. If can use 1018 cold rolling to make these bullets, as long as it is under the pressure of about 23000 pounds, they are absolutely safe. Adding weight device and I also want to them, even though there is no enough data, but as long as a breakthrough, a steady stream of data will emerge.

as Crumling says, the bullets in essence is the integration of production of barrel and artillery, can transfer 3 d printing gun parts all under pressure and use plastic barrel do guide. As shown in the above picture, maybe you can’t get a lot of precise information, but I think it’s a valuable idea.


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