25 “sit on the rocket” global mobile Internet start-ups

some of them household names, such as taxi software Uber, cloud storage software Dropbox, “burn after reading” Snapchat and instant messaging application WhatsApp photo sharing application, there are some you may be unheard of, like Japan’s mobile game company GungHo, Airwatch mobile security company and company RocketFuel advertising networks and data analysis. But they have two things in common: at least $1 billion valuation, and the development of the incredible speed.

a market research company, general manager of digi-capital Tim Merel speaking points out: “than any other in the history of science and technology markets in terms of mobile Internet first-mover advantage has reached the extreme, it is directly related to revenue each year. If can pre-emptive, can be in to a lot of potential wealth, is an inch of time an inch of gold.” This isn’t his joke, that is the case.

Facebook for $19 billion acquisition of the WhatsApp. This means that this kind of instant messaging applications since its launch, value like sit the rockets, ChengCheng rising at the rate of annual average of about $4 billion. The latest valuation Snapchat is almost like Facebook. That is to say, the two young companies, in their first year in primary, value to crazy increase at a speed of more than $110000 a day, every minute to become the industry’s giants.

Merel in the latest report detailed explanation of the development of mobile Internet, the 500 – page report mobile Internet investment process are reviewed in detail, at the same time also gives the Merel himself for mobile revenue prediction – and the past 12 months, mergers, acquisitions, investment of nearly $6.1 billion, by 2017 will reach $700 billion in annual sales. As shown under the name of the mobile Internet, not all the value from a region, and it is interesting to note that almost half of them are born in Asia.

Merel the mail wrote: “the huge value of the mobile Internet club covers a number of different areas (games, communication, transportation, productivity, social, and music, navigation, electronic commerce, utilities) and region (12 in the United States, 9 in Asia, and 3) in Europe, such constant dispersion and expansion, has brought great opportunities to the development of industry, at the same time also brought unprecedented challenges.”

Japan industry giants like communication software even I (LINE) valuation of about $10 billion, the Japanese social networking sites Gree worth about $1.8 billion, they can be said to be the leader of similar companies in Asia. Other like Japanese mobile game companies Colopl valued at $5.1 billion, and South Korea communications giant Kakao valuations are also quite considerable.

the rapid development of mobile industry with each passing day, make more established technology giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft also moved heart, they start to look for acquisitions. There are some second – and third-tier companies like Disney, Adobe, Box, company, and Nintendo is also a potential acquirer. Merel pointed out that the acquirer’s throne in substitution to sit, today’s startups are likely to be the acquirer tomorrow, many established companies are struggling to keep up with the rhythm.

first-mover advantage in the early stage of the rich Internet has had a huge impact, this led to the 1997 to 2000 of the dotcom bubble, and then the information explosion. Obviously the effect also is deepening, larger mobile revolution is our eyes inching unfolding.

development is undoubtedly a good thing, the problem is that development is sustainable, or if we meet again some similar Internet bubble, in the end.

this is a macro problem, it is hard to answer, but at the micro level, in Merel point of view, it is possible. He said: “among the billion dollar club has been a very hard, want to stay down is harder. Some companies have already begun to take shape, development to a certain height, and more companies still on the way beyond the hard struggle, the struggle of the results is hard to say. There are already some billions of dollars in the company out of the club, there are some other companies are also at risk.”

here are all 25 mobile Internet company valuation of more than $1 billion, according to the valuation size rank:













Mobile (

Cheetah Cheetah Mobile)







Rocket arg,



the company

sets a


Merel explained: ranking based on the above valuation is the market value of listed companies, excluding acquisition value, financing funds.

what things are clear?

we can see that Facebook in February 2014, spending $19 billion for WhatsApp, photo sharing application Snapchat after recent financing, valued at $10 billion. Buy the sooner, the more can avoid moving bubble burst. Is also a photo sharing application, 2012 Facebook sets the purchase price is 1 billion yuan, this is sky-high appears to have at that time, and now want to buy, a few money is far from enough. Is obviously, mobile first-mover advantage is not only for entrepreneurial companies, buyers also need to grasp opportunities.


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