22 “hotel” : to expose the dark side of silicon valley

Jimmy pulled out a pile of COINS, gather together enough after the $2 to the conductor, and then get a seat at the back of the bus.
Later, he took off his worn out shoes, put your head on the window of the fog is full, another way to start a long night.
Since three years ago to lose Microsoft chefs work, 47, Jimmy had such a miserable situation more than once.
He will sit on the bus at midnight, in alto, SAN jose and matteo paro, between this period of 35 miles back and forth on the path of reciprocating, until the morning. He spent just $8 a warm night, without the streets — but even that $8, for he is also hard to bear.
22 bus in the silicon valley is the only a 24 hour operation of bus, it now has become a lot of informal shelter for the homeless. 22 what they called “hotel”.

this piece of tiny California now become not only the concentrated reflection of the gap between rich and poor and even turned into an extreme case.
According to the latest report of the United States housing, around silicon valley of Santa Clara proportion of homeless people in the United States first. Here, however, at the same time also has the highest worth of family income and the country’s most expensive luxury – all this due to the burgeoning high-tech at the gate of the it economy tide.
Silicon valley is experiencing the most lasting some period in the history, but there are also deeply income inequality. Once upon a time, silicon valley is a community with a strong middle class, but now, here has already been polarized – only home of rich and poor people seem to be two extreme condition.
22 bus pass by Jimmy’s former club Microsoft not only, also way Google, Facebook and apple headquarters.
In the process of experience, we and a drive to “Google bus passing by, it was in San Francisco. These are equipped with luxurious seats bus was nicknamed the Gbus, he carried the Google employees every day to and from between home and company, this itself is a kind of symbol of inequality.
“This is’ a tale of two cities’.” Jimmy said, “people in this somewhat poetic way to describe the situation.”
“But these people did not realize science and technology, we are different from what they are not — only a mistake, they didn’t pay, will become us.”

Jimmy moved from Chicago to California to work in the early 1990 s. But 20 years later, he still wore a slightly mottled suit and tie, day and night, hoping to find a proper job. He threw dozens of resumes every day from the local library, but most of them sink, missing.
His ankles, wrapped in a rope hidden under his trousers, “in case of which day I live enough.”
Recent census data show that the United States this year there will be 20000 people homeless. Not on The streets in silicon valley, are going to is called “The Jungle” (The Jungle) place for The night – this is The nation’s largest hobo camp, hundreds of illegal tents and miles a tree house.
SAN jose homeless administrator Ryan branson (Ray Bramson) said: “there are around 5000 people camped out here every night, we can do.”
Has increased dramatically over the past few years, the rent, and some even reach 300% of the national average.
“Mentioned homeless, you think of those on the streets, no money, no job.” He said, “now is not the case. Just find a job can’t make sure you can afford the rent. People’s salary is not enough to even make a living.”
Minimum wage standard of California recently from $8 to $10 per hour. “This is a step in the right direction.” Branson said. “but, unfortunately, self-sufficient standards will be about $15.”

jolted our bus parked beside a site, come up a bit on the side of the road waiting for passengers. At this time is 2 o ‘clock in the morning. The driver for the lady to vacate a place, so she put down her big trolley – containing all her belongings.
She is not the only one woman for the car, but Sandra PeiNa (Sandra Pena) every week in 22 “hotel” for one night.
She was well-spoken and face, 52, even received a good education, apparently not ordinary passengers at night. She works as a technician for nine years in Arantech – it was a big company in silicon valley – was kicked out until 1989.
Shortly thereafter, she decided to open a construction company, and has a small achievement. But when the financial tsunami surge to 2009, she became overnight had nothing, even home foreclosures.
She had to live in his truck, part-time jobs for my neighbors. But then, she even couldn’t afford the truck.
“I was overwhelmed the overnight, sometimes, can’t climb up after you fall.” Sandra, said she was wearing a blue jeans and restoring ancient ways a shirt collar point have buttons. “I never thought I would fall into this situation.”
Local shelter not empty bed, Sandra will be to stay on the bus.
“I bought for $6 a day pass – if you buy the right time, can sit from night until the next morning.” She said, “I like the quiet… And lonely time.”
“The only drawback is that the car will wake you up, after the terminal and wait 15 minutes to sit down on a bus.” She said.
As a native of Santa Clara, she witnessed the huge change in this area. Once known as orchids, enjoys the valley “of” spiritual joy. Until the 1960 s, it is the world’s largest fruit production areas, Del Monte, Del Monte) is the largest employer in the town.
Company has just started in that time, science and technology, gradually expand outward from Stanford university. The world famous universities with a huge funding and academic support gave birth to the large number of startups.
“When I was a kid, here is full of farm and orchid. I’m a cowgirl. We, pleasant climate. I don’t blame them here, but they did not bring any benefits to residents here.” Said Sandra, she is now in the employment center to study a course of construction, hoping to find a job.
Sandra got homeless organization Downtown Streets, the organization of project operation director Chris Richardson (Chris Richardson) said: “‘ 22 road hotel is an open secret in the homeless population – as long as a few dollars, can be a relatively secure sleep.”
He said that today’s situation has been out of control, because the number of homeless people has reach twice the available beds.
“Distance Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) of less than 2 miles, can see the tramp sleeping rough in the camp.” , “he says,” ironically, even his engineers, and some are because can’t afford to pay the rent and had to live in here.”
“We are trying to make science and technology plute people to participate in our plan, they contributed a lot money to various charity projects, but the damage to the them to participate in the local community, has almost nothing to donate.”
“This is not their fault, but the homeless in this issue, they are also stakeholders. They have the ability, also have a mind to change all that.”
Irene, founder of the Downtown Street Richardson (Eileen Richardson) is a venture capitalist, has also been a technology company CEO – she led music site Napster. Ten years ago, her use of vacation time voluntarily participate in the rescue of homeless people, it is the experience that her heart was greatly shocked, decided to set up a relief agencies.
In their meeting, the team leader to about 100 guests on site announced Google recruitment plan. The company a few weeks will hold a job fair, recruiting cooks, scullery and cleaner.
Some sigh, but most people are willing to listen to, and then queue to register. One of the men said, for people in despair, must know how to lay down their self-esteem, “deal with the devil”.

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