2014 year-end recommendation: players the most desirable “handheld”

today’s game market, video game in the pop art, movies, music and TV popular; Family game also got the attention of some people; And with the promotion and application of portable devices, handheld game has already started the girder of the market. Buy an appropriate handheld has become a life of love to play games friend here!

all the rage began in 25 years ago finally (GB), in 1989 the emergence of black and white LCD for nintendo sold more than 115 million GB and the GBC, nintendo with the advertising campaigns, the PSP is not only for children, or the family entertainment equipment, its “zelda”, “tetris” and so on a large number of masterpieces have spent how many sleepless nights.

since late first decade of the 21st century, the rapid popularity of smart phones in the world, disrupting the nintendo video game market. Now is almost every mobile phone, and every cell phone comes with games, whether it is a fun, still not fun games, have become the people when they work tomorrow or short nap pastime.

but the problem comes: although most of people are playing games, but not everyone is in the best game to play your favorite games, most are making do with some of the latest free games. Why compromise?

the following hunting cloud network editor you recommend to you a few fancy handheld game consoles, mainly from game equipment performance point of view, has nothing to do with it can answer the call or other factors such as seamless experience, they are all close to the perfect mobile video game.

title: SONY PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

SONY PSVita series is by far not portable game consoles market the most commercial colour handheld success story. From 2011, since its launch in Japan, even overlooked by many video game enthusiasts, PSVita remained sales of 4 million units. But does not seem to have to bring some profits, rarely seen in the product display PSVita figure, therefore, its future development are also became a mystery.

as to why this article will give top priority to PSVita, also it is because the PSVita let gamers see the dawn of the PSP in the future.

PSVita has elegant exterior design, powerful intrinsic functions, video game of span decades, architecture, clear classification list, all of them are for gamers, it’s equal the Dreamcast game of portable Sega and help users find online gaming systems.

for clarity, the PSVita is not mentioned in the article the new type Vita Slim, but the original model, a little bit thick, but are more likely to hand, 5 inch OLED resolution for touch screen x544 (960).

in terms of battery capacity, equipment specification table displays the PSVita can play 3 to 5 hours continuously, have users using Vita three years later, found that the battery can still maintain the peak of life. If it is a dormant state, could be more days without charge.

perhaps because facilitate hands operation, or perhaps because of a very delicate picture in conjunction PlayStation 3, then maybe it’s because the content of the list of the game PSVita is the first to realize the same as the modern game features of portable gaming devices, even more than any other mobile platform game content is comprehensive, more like a portable home video game console.

through the PlayStation Network, users can download more PlayStation 1, 2, the classic game. At The same time, there are some graphics are not concentrated in The PlayStation 3, 4 games, such as “hogwarts, (Nidhogg)”, “black and white world (The Unfinished Swan)”, “famine (Don ‘t Starve)” and so on. PlayStation members of the general on the PS3, PS4 and Vita, members can also enjoy a month any download a free game, and can obtain the latest monthly play assessment and official news and information, in the PlayStation network store will also have a lot of preferential, but opened members spend $50 for a year.

PSVita platform game type is limited, mainly because of SONY’s interest in the support the development of the Vita system resources are gradually decreases. But on the other hand, SONY is continuing to work with independent game developer, transferring some of the most fun games at the computer to a handheld. It is important to note that the download games to SONY in proprietary memory card price too high.

the last point is unusual, PSVita game list are significantly extended, and the PlayStation 4 and Vita through Remote game Play function using WIFI fast connection. Thus, share to friends or family game becomes simple, like sharing TV this has become a big selling point.

excellent control mode, the bright LCD screen, a variety of game, in addition to the PlayStation, not a game platform can close. Maybe one day, the PlayStation Vita industry will serve as a wonderful work and Dreamcast game compete to bloom, although its advanced design, but it doesn’t stop the pace of the users to buy.

runner-up: nintendo 3 ds

the nintendo 3 ds to finally PlayStation Vita, over the past two decades, nintendo has dominated the mobile game market. But this handheld game off on the wrong foot when he started doing it, but the handheld system with nintendo’s game more franchise, are growing.

like SONY and nintendo also provides users with classic video game downloads, but inexplicably, only part of the video game can download, and purchase nintendo Wii U family of lack of correlation between ds and 3 ds, let those who buy downloadable nostalgic classic game users more confused about what to do.

at the same time, it also introduced the 3 ds XL and enlarged restoring ancient ways, compared with the normal 3 ds, mainly for personal preference is different, some people like big screen game, some people like small and portable.

first of “tigers” : SONY playstation 2

recommended that the PSP, there are many reasons, such as PS 2 LCD screen is enough to make the original version of the PS, the lighter weight, thickness is thinner and long battery life, and micro USB interface, and on the basis of the original version of the charging cable made a massive changes, more in line with the needs of users. Handheld options, depending on the user of the product visual priority, battery life and feel. Early, of course, if you hate the Android mobile phone cheap plastic texture, can choose PS Vita.

# 2: “little tigers” nintendo ds 2

the nintendo 3 ds named a cheap edition 2 ds, cancelled the glasses-free 3 d and not folded. 2 ds and double screen to be integrated into a screen, resistance to fall more than 3 ds, especially suitable for the gamers of the younger generation. And with the new version of the release, the 3 ds 2 ds and 3 ds will be obsolete soon. Therefore, 2 ds in terms of 3 d screen aspect and the processor to ascend, and the system of the game list based on 3 ds and its new version of the requirements are classified.

“tigers” # 3: apple Mini

the device and the iPhone has become the world’s most popular mobile devices, maybe you are now holding the iPhone to play games. Apple’s products, this paper recommends the Mini 2, suitable size, very suitable for time-consuming long game. The praise of the voice of online, including its screen resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels, a single battery charge lasts 9-10 hours, more than the handheld nintendo and SONY. However, the Mini 2 key is a touch screen control and the App Store.

most of the game is not designed for touch interface, and in the past many years, the most fun games eventually fall victims to free. Today, occasionally there will be some new game, such as The sailors Dream The where Sailor ‘s Dream, a declassification of exciting games. But the iOS before claiming to represent the future of video games, is fading.

at the end of the “tigers” of: HTC NEXUS 9

with the Android tablets and the popularity of mobile phones as a gaming equipment, this paper particularly recommended HTC NEXUS 9, as perfect as the apple because of its high resolution and screen ratio, which is based on nvidia prototypes K1 processor tablet, and nvidia as a graphics card manufacturers, for the change of the PSP provides more possible. Because the main game application is the apple device as the primary design factors, on the NEXUS of 9 performance remains to be proven. Although the amount of new game released in the Android system without much on iOS, but famous big game is very interested in the two operating systems. In addition, the use of Android system also provides a more open environment, makes some hobby pirates prefer Android game equipment, it is also a touch interface to imitate the cause of the apple tablet.


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