2014 from smartphones to aircraft, this is our favorite gadgets

cloud network hunting note: lost in 2014. In this year, we have witnessed the decline of nokia, witnessed the rise of wearable, also witnessed the apple product update. I think everyone’s heart there is always cheered for one or two pieces, in the heart of every man has one or two new expectations. Today let’s count in 2014, our idea of the best technology products.

since January 2014, there are many articles about electronic technology, are usually in want to tell you what is the best, or tell you what are expected in 2015. We also have a lot of such articles, but we also want to review the 2014 what are our favorite things. The following list of equipment or software may not be a field of the best known, most of these may not be practical, but after I finish writing this article they are deeply imprinted in my mind. We hope it can encourage you to share with us your favorite product of science and technology last year.

big xinjiang Phantom Vision + 2

I exposed to a lot of simple toys last year, but there are two can stand out: one is the Oculus Rift DK2, another is constructing innovative Phantom Vision + 2 aircraft.

big xinjiang Phantom Vision + 2 aircraft owned by universal joint stable camera can ensure the photo stability in flight

big xinjiang shares issued by the Vision + 2 April 2014, and then we obtained the developer preview in June. But it took longer than expected to complete the evaluation, because in my flight for the first time, it crashed until the manufacturer to send me one. This time I didn’t make it crashed.

real-time picture

P2V + equipped with GPS positioning system, with a three-axis gimbal stable camera at the same time. You just installed on your phone application of xinjiang, joined by the handheld remote control set up wireless networks, and then just let it off. Aircraft over a wireless network will be taken by it to the picture send it to the remote control receiver, and then the receiver would picture to your mobile phone screen. Unless aircraft flying out of the range of a few hundred meters, or images of hysteresis is small. It can fly in the first perspective, can be hovering at a predetermined altitude, steering, taking pictures.

aircraft can fly autonomously. It has a range of different flight mode, but the most typical is the default Settings, and completely dependent on GPS navigation and automatic stabilizer. It is very fast, can fly out of sight in a few seconds. If you lose connection with it and don’t know the flight area, it can also by GPS module back to its place of departure.

this is easy, it is easy to produce risk, when it fly to more than a kilometer in height, could affect the private plane or civil aircraft routes. So the aircraft’s built-in software won’t let it enter the controlled airspace arbitrary within a few miles. Horizontally or no limit, of course, turn on your vehicle, let it go straight forward.

the only let me reason is the price of the aircraft stay at a respectful distance from sb. The price of $1299 is not as high as some camera aircraft, but want me to buy, so prices are a little high.

Oculus Rift DK2

Lee Hutchinson, will be very willing to use his dignity in exchange for a virtual wearing equipment

highly anticipated consumer version Oculus Rift wore a virtual display will be sold this year, but the Oculus hope developers began to write their own virtual application now. Developers need to do a lot of adjustments to achieve the 3 d effect, can only convert 3 d to make a series of control first-person shooter looks quite simple, but for many people, this is a one-way ticket to town “disgusting” (including me, trying to “aliens” after the game, I understand that its independence by stealth and effective rift environment to guarantee).

in order to allow developers to construct, Oculus issued two developers. The resolution of the device is lower consumer version, they prefer to developers to use basic version to implement the virtualization of the game. And these did not stop the fans regardless of the clumsy setup cost of $350 to experience 3 d. I’m one of them – after all, I reasoned, because I had spent more than $350 to buy the video card save less than a year. From this point of view, have a Rift Development Kit for 2 months and it’s a good deal!

from the Oculus’ see pictures of the Rift

when it dies – believe me, I tried a lot of games have been used in Rift, because it can be used – in fact was really bad. DK2 is 960 x1080 resolution, also means that each pixel can be clearly seen. Unless you see refresh at a rate of about 75 frames per second, or you will see a tear figure and phenomenon of ghosting and images before and after shaking. In this case, it’s really hard to use in Rift running game, even those based on the development of the game in Rift. It often stop and start the device, access to XML or INI folder, the Rift as the next screen, as far as possible to get the ability to run applications, and then set some ordinary users will not be set to try. Of course, as long as you started it, no matter in the game, after ten minutes will always let you have the urge to want to cry.

when it runs correctly, it is really good. Even with the influence of screen frame, it’s hard to read the text and so on other issues related to the hardware, it is still the best since I picked up a joystick thirty years. 350 dollars, every penny is a bargain. Even know this year will have a better version, but some of us are eager to buy it. When the consumer version sent, I will buy one. Until then, I’ll wear it bravely start eyeball destruction action, because then it will be much more interesting.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iPhone last year, there are two size

iPhone don’t have much attraction last year, when the mobile end also no window (in fact is they didn’t use the sapphire glass) on the screen. Even so, they are still my one of the most favorite products have been issued last year.

I admit: I like I was the cause of the latest version of the iPhone has adapted to the Android screen size. I own a Nexus of 5, I usually when miss them out of the Android mobile phone use a week or two. Go back to my used as main machine iPhone5s also need to adjust. And now will be 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 as main machine without any pressure. I personally think that mobile phone screen is the most comfortable in 4 to 5 inches, Moto X announced in 3013, for example, so, I am very glad to have a new generation of the iPhone to choose from.

iPhone 5 s, iPhone 6, iPhone plus contrast figure

as for the iPhone 6 Plus, I will not carry, but there are some things that I like, I am very glad to see it for the iPhone 6 and other mobile phone. The most important point or screen, it introduced a special kind of similar to two people the visual experience, to reduce the necessity of the small size of the plate. Its large capacity battery and if the camera is also commendable.

of course, some aspects need to complain about – 16 g version of the storage space is too small, especially when you upgrade the iOS, it takes a lot of free space to install the updates. We hope that the mobile phone has 2 gb of memory, can prevent the label in the Safari reload, and the future with increasing the number of mobile phone use 64 – bit applications. To sum up, the iPhone has satisfactory update, at the same time also is very beautiful, of course in addition to the memory capacity.

Intel NUC mini PC

would you please put the NUC installed in any position, this also is an important characteristic of it

the technical achievements in late 2013, but I’d like to change the time because we didn’t appear until January report – I’m a huge fan of the desktop gadgets. It is small, no noise, but still enough to cope with the game or video editing. Is different from other mini PC, you can open it, let it become more frivolous, join your solid-state drives, memory chips and wifi module.

The intended use of the

from my perspective, it is indeed a perfect test computers – it can in the case of do not take up too much area down on my desktop, when I need to tidy the room, don’t need it and my protector and disconnected display. Intel is good at to update driver, it use common components to support Linux running better than usual.

early NUC computer has a little problem in popularity, but in 2014, Intel enlarge the using range of team across the greater. Equipped with Ivy Bridge and celeron NUC retail price at around $150 and $135 respectively, the corresponding speaking (before you buy other components and systems), the two configurations can be used to dealing with part of the system, serves as a basic workstation or server family. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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