2014 foreign Internet industry 14 big failing

allison stayed at the end of 2014, in the past a lot has happened in this year, the major events that ironic. Exposure to startup, short legs, on the other side is made wulitou giants such as Google, apple and amazon. Year end will come, 14 events by hunting cloud network editor jun, who let you have a good talk about the technology of gossip.

14. Google mysterious floating barge end event

remember those mysterious Google barge? That made up the mystery of the floater many container. According to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the first treasure island in the center of the floater in the San Francisco bay, the second is in Portland, Maine coast. Google barge by scientific attention, everybody wants to know what is the purpose of Google. This will become the data center of the future? Or floating retail stores?

it’s a pity, although Google suggests that the mysterious floater is actually a mobile’s new science and technology exhibition hall, but the plan has not San Francisco local barge permission, in earlier this year, so that a floater in San Francisco had to for 80 miles east of stockton, California. Are located in Portland, floater is dismantled after the sent to the scrap heap, the reason was that the local coast guard says the floater will cause fire and other security hidden danger.

the high-profile events but only so an anticlimactic help, it is said that the project budget for tens of millions of dollars.

13. Smart watches blasting (pit) (pa)

to be honest, this year there are a few smart watches Fried hot? 2013, intelligent watches have made some interesting attempt, but also should grasp the opportunity to capture the market this year. Google attaches great importance to this field, especially for wearable devices built a new platform for the intelligent operating system Android Wear.

companies such as samsung, MOTOROLA, LG and SONY, in order to cater to the tastes of consumers, has launched smart watches.

however, the same problems always exist: the heavy hardware and software and disappointing battery life. This problem is let the consumer to spend a bit hurt. (the nut smart watches can standby for five days, by that alone can kill foreign counterparts. And it is the world’s first round smart watches “)

even if Google has been doing before, but foreign media said after evaluation of science and technology, there is still the most favorite products is still not a Google the Pebble smart watch of Steel, the equipment is available in January this year.

maybe by next year, these companies will some understand that only Apple can Watch hegemony in the market.

12. A bad mobile payment platform named process

Isis mobile wallet application released in November 2013. But it’s another ISIS and produced a weak link, which is of the islamic state of ISIS.

nothing want to and a militant groups, point so Isis mobile wallet application cancelled this name in July, renamed Softcard in September.

application name aside, perhaps a greater threat from Apple to Pay. Since October, apple launched its own mobile payment platform, people have paid close attention to with their own mobile phone (apple) to pay deal this matter, so few people ignore Isis anymore.

11. Kinec t be “abandon”

since on sale, Xbox One could do 4 PS, however, several public data are shown to Microsoft’s sales disadvantage. Since then, Microsoft decided to called “unbundling”, so that the Xbox straight One price $One hundred, only $350 can buy a set of equipment.

the key body feeling for the Xbox experience equipment device, now it’s easy to buy one. It’s easy to understand why consumers to a new generation device (with the Xbox One bundle) attitude is a little lukewarm.

today, consumers tend to buy without access Xbox One, so the price is more cheaper, so Microsoft is likely to end in the bulk of the investment on it.

10. Aereo has become a slaughter the lamb

Aereo seems to have to get offline.

the company using a small antenna to collect free television network signal, users only need to pay a small fee per month, will be able to television signal transmission and networking equipment; But Aereo didn’t pay fee to the broadcasting company. Aereo lost completely at the Supreme Court of the United States: it was convicted for illegal service. The ruling is a victory for broadcasting company.

obviously for Aereo, bell has been sound.

Aereo suffered another attack again in October. U.S. district court at the request of ABC, the services provided by the Aereo issued a preliminary injunction. Aereo issued a statement, but it is dying, Aereo admitted after a few months, after the Supreme Court issued a sentence, the company has tried all possible ways but did not get a result; Just last month, Aereo filed for bankruptcy protection.

9. Dirty taxi services two or three things

where there is competition, there are dirty means. In August, Lyft claimed in the past nine months, pretend to be customer reservation, Uber employees in the company the cancelled Lyft orders, number as many as thousands of times. Lyft think this is a trick, Uber to off their driver, grab customers. Uber says the charges “completely false”.

the trouble is that Gett to Uber also made a similar charges, it thinks Uber adopted a “denial of service (DoS)” type of attack means, and, will the driver of the opportunity to poach Gett Uber. In this case, Uber admits that its strategy “may be a bit too aggressive.

Uber instead of shaping the image of good, in November, is one of the executives showed that the company will use its $1 million to get the reporter for Uber negative reputation, this made the image of the Uber become more deadly. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said executives Emil Michael’s comments “lack of leadership consciousness, lack of humanization, also with the company’s value ideal creed deviating”. Even so, Michael is still a member of the Uber, because Kalanick think “wrong people or can learn lessons from the mistakes of the”.

for the executives of big mouth, is an obvious lesson: don’t be a reporter to attend the dinner talk about fighting the reporter’s plan. You can try it.

8. Not “jump ticket” Tizen

samsung and Intel’s joint development of Tizen smartphone operating system, to adopt operators listed custom form. People think of Tizen as a high-end of the operating system, would have unveiled earlier this year.

but later don’t have any movement.

the Tizen, we only can never too hot in samsung smart watches. Mobile world congress in March, Tizen organizations try to change its strategy, hope to be Tizen system for use in the smart TV and other equipment.

the news that the operating system will be slow to show up its debut next month, but it first for low-end smartphone.

7. Facebook playing with fire, let users creeps

Facebook data scientists announced a mood in the users on social networks is contagious, but the survey is in users unwittingly to tamper with their dynamic News (News Feed), as a result, Facebook into the hot water. The survey involved 689003 users and 3 million messages.

the disclosure again sparked a heated debate on the privacy issues, the public again questioned: Facebook exactly what to do with their data.

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg the official apology to make to the climax. “Obviously we communicate with the public is undeserved, we I’m sorry about this,” Sandberg DNTV Indian television interview in new Delhi said.

so, you know.

6. The scandal of “play house”

“play house” really mean? This is a game across Europe and the United States of big discussion, even can be said to be a war between game players with the game media, discussion involving game media corruption, industrial gender discrimination and abuse feminism and so on many Angle. But obviously, this a dirty, ugly unrest has become a landmark event in the field of the game.


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