2014 Chinese game market has to focus on six big trend

cloud network hunting note: in 2014, the rapid growth of China’s games market in this year a few interesting phenomenon: hand swim good momentum of development but less profit, console return but there is no love, e-sports popular but lost to South Korea, the game of this opened shop, domestic companies targeting the VR but haven’t products, imported computer games to break free mode.

in 2014 is a year of gaming world come to China, there have been some amazing phenomenon. In case you crossing busy playing video games not to notice these cloud network hunting for you compile summarizes six main trend of the Chinese game market in 2014.

1. the rapid development of mobile phone games, but profit difficult

in 2014, the Chinese mobile games market is still in continue to develop, only development had slowed down considerably. In the third quarter growth rate is only 72.8% compared with the same period last year, compared with the first two quarters decreased a lot, but is still in a higher level, and China mobile game market will surely have a lot of room to grow.

although smartphones permeate, mobile game is popular (game is China’s most popular type of application), but a mobile phone game occupation of China also failed to complete the market, the vast majority (over 92%) mobile games are at a loss. Although the domestic number of smartphone users is twice that of broadband computer user, but a mobile phone game compared to the profit and computer games or too little.

2. game back, but it fell flat

the Xbox One released in China this year, the end of the game ban for the past ten years in China. Mainland version PS4 won’t be published next year, but the main details, such as price, starting line-up and so on have been released. With hundreds of millions of players’ market, global console makers also be ushered in the spring.

unfortunately, most of the players are not too concerned about this, especially the game there are some restrictions on sexual function, such as regional lock. Xbox One early sales in China only 100000 units, including pre-sale after Microsoft hasn’t disclosed the news, but recently the equipment prices fell by $80, suggests that it is not selling well. Console can now officially sold in domestic, but also do not have enough appeal to Chinese players to leave their computers.

3. esports continued to heat up, but didn’t win the favorite game

for esports in 2014 is a year there is a huge development. With the increase of e-sports attendance, trade value is rising. Chinese team in this year’s Dota 2 global dominated in the champions league and China in the field of e-sports has been changed.

the hero alliance as one of the most popular game in mainland China, despite the promotional hype up, but performance is not satisfactory. Chinese team lost to the south Korean team for two consecutive years, after that, China LOL team on the introduction of the Korean players, including this year’s world championship.

4. live streaming media with the combination of e-commerce, but to make money or giant

the popularity of video broadcast is a global trend, China has caught up with this trend. Although older generation may can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch others play games, but China’s most popular game commentary really attracted millions of viewers. This year, at the start of the small gradually turned into a Chinese characteristics: the game commentary by electric business profitability. Many leading domestic game commentary has opened a taobao shop, selling things ranging from computer peripherals to snacks, to buy things basically is to see their video. Video broadcast around the globe are very fire, but the west’s explanations depend mainly on subscriptions and fundraising profits, only game explanation to sell pork floss bread in China.

for capable of that, this method can let them make a lot of money. Take retired hero alliance China team player if Misaya wind (pictured above), the report said he only from taobao shop can earn $1.5 million a year, but of course only the most popular explanation can have such a high rate of return.

5. root of virtual reality, but not make use of product

worldwide, the Oculus Rift over the past few years has been a fire, but it was not until this year, VR (virtual reality) caused widespread concern in China. Domestic hardware startups ANTVR officially released the VR in Kickstarter project, Oculus wants to compare, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the VR products this year in China. In addition, another domestic VR startup the Depth in VR.

but and Oculus Rift, most domestic VR products is still in development stage, at present only a prototype, hardly can run on the new VR hardware of software. China’s hardware startups are trying to create let you immersive virtual reality gaming experience, but also temporarily unable to realize.

6. computer game to break the free mode, but free mode is still the mainstream

analysts said otherwise provide free game, or become a blizzard, or you don’t want to make money in China’s game market. Apparently most of the company become a blizzard game, nor as popular games like world of warcraft, so foreign game enters China tends to become a free operating mode, hoping to attract players.

but this year some much anticipated foreign game broke free operating mode, still a success. Guild wars 2 for example, while they are on sale in China this year as well as in other places to take the operation ways of payment in advance, booking alone has sold over 500000 copies. Another online game final fantasy 14 also entered China this year, through subscription content to make a profit. Thus game developer does not have to take free operating mode can succeed in China.

still, free is still a Chinese computer game market dominance. Hero alliance, pass through the fire, underground city and warrior is three game of the country’s most popular this year, they are free. Perhaps not coincidentally, three games are released by tencent.

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