2 habib gb starting letter: WiFi master key also don’t want to be listed

its WiFi master key will launch in the near future, according to the market rumors, WiFi master key operators network founder and CEO is the 2 habib gb today published an open letter, 2 habib gb, WiFi master key now no, we will not be listed in the next three years.

the earliest WiFi master key is a popular in Android mobile phone users search the WiFi connection management tools in groups. Its article database built one hundred million wi-fi hotspots data, all from the user to share information using known wi-fi hotspots.

at present, the WiFi master key has more than 500 million users, mobile phone users after micro letter, and, with the number of new users are still millions of wild growth. With vast users, WiFi has become a versatile mobile Internet portal, its business is developing rapidly, has now achieve tens of millions of monthly income. It is reported that six months ago, there is a $1 billion investment professionals to give WiFi master key.

cloud network editor dialog 2 habib gb, hunting, said Chen WiFi master key still suppress tricks, the new strategic operating products is still in the closed beta period, now is not convenient to open.

most remarkably, as a grand co-founder, after 2 habib gb has a low profile at the behind the scenes, rarely stand to the front desk, this is a big adjustment, 2 habib gb public for the first time in the industry.

the personage inside course of study in communication and editing jun said that WiFi master key is likely to become one of the mobile Internet ticket, this product is also a grand rare phenomenal products in recent years. “2 habib gb to the outside world the impression that ground, a low profile, understand the product, strong execution. WiFi master key is the ability to flow distribution is amazingly, only big imagination space in the future.”

PS: entrepreneurs see come over, as the domestic young super-rich 2 habib gb also as angels in the hunting cloud network investment and financing docking platform.

the following response for 2 habib gb full text:

these days the weather in Beijing is very good, the mood has never seen a lot of old friends, mostly about the outside during the dinner conversation around listed “master key”. Most concerned topic for friends, I think I should make a public response:

first of all, thank you for the network and the WiFi master key product is the concern, sure, WiFi master key now no, we will not be listed in the next three years.

thank you for the trust of the investment Banks and exchange, willing to take the initiative to and actively promote a new company set up only two years. From the business growth, the income scale, profitability, even is the network really has reached and exceeded the “listing standards”, and from the perspective of the business growth of continuous zoom, I also believe that it is listed will be very brilliant record. But now we don’t want to, because we have many more important things to do.

in the past two years, even it is only one thing, is to let more people to get free access to the Internet. Familiar with my people know, this is my a dream for more than ten years, in 1998, when I was a private shareware authors, the first launch of the product is the online tool. Today we see all knowledge of the hero, in addition to their smart, hard, without exception of fate has given a much earlier than others the opportunity to contact network. I firmly believe that provide more people with free Internet access in this matter, is can change the fate of many people. Thanks to China all have a Shared spirit, kind person, and we are together, made into let 500 million people free Internet access in this matter.

to live is to change the world, it is the dream of every person, jobs did, we would like to give it a try. Master key today has taken the first step, but we need to complete and more ambitious target. Yes, for a four listed companies, listed is no longer in the heart of obsession. I think now is, what is more interesting, more exciting, more let me excited to sleep. We want to change a group of people, to change an industry, change every Chinese way of life. We would like to focus all your energy, to complete the dream.

so, thank you again for all concerned is the network of friends, “WiFi master key is not for sale in three years,” “connect” make it possible for all the future, all may have only just begun.

I also want to thank all the 36 young master key team members. Although market means the birth of a new group of billionaire, you can still not hesitate refused to close the temptation of fame, choose to continue with me silently.

in the end, with old friends and new forecast, welcome to our press conference in Beijing on December 18, on that day, I will share with you more ideas.

network founder and CEO 2 habib gb is the

on November 19, 2014

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