18 k gold Apple Watch prices or as much as $1200

sina mobile news Beijing standard time on September 13 morning news, American jeweler to TechCrunch quoted sources as saying that with 18 k gold materials of Apple smart Watch Watch price will be about $1200. This watch is expected to hit the market in January.

sources according to the size and weight of the Watch Apple estimated the price. But it is estimated, and the final price could be lower.

it is not clear, 18 k gold Watch is Apple directly made of gold or just gold-plated. If the gold to make, so the price of this watch will rise sharply. Sources estimate based on Apple announced this week Watch design.

a Watch specialist in Pittsburgh Richard Ricky’s (Chad Rickicki) said, according to the size and style, if use 18 k gold to make Apple Watch shell, so the cost will be about $600. Apple Watch the rest of the costs and profits means that the final price will be based on the double.

however, this does not mean that Apple will completely positioning in the high-end Watch. The lower part of the movement model of Apple Watch entry price was $349, while the standard of price may be slightly higher.

with 18 k gold version of the Apple Watch shows that Apple trying to retail sales of luxury goods spot). Prada and Louis vuitton luxury brands could be designed for Apple Watch strap, and display in the store more fashion, more luxurious Apple Watch means that Apple will control the quality, and further to control profits by strap to upgrade. (d)

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