雷军谈 entrepreneurship: is the most difficult for someone

cloud network hunting note: in 2010, lei jun founded millet science and technology, the millet, chairman and CEO of science and technology. Career began in jinshan, lei jun is the co-founder and chairman of kingsoft, lead the kingsoft in 2007 successfully listed in Hong Kong. He is also a founder of the joyo, and in 2004 it sold to amazon. Created the Internet fund 2011, lei jun – suitable for fund, kiss Ren Shun for founding partner and chairman, focus on investment in mobile Internet, electronic commerce and Internet domains such as social networking platform project. As angel investors, lei jun investment including vancl, many play (YY), UC, Carla, good will the doctor and the Great Wall and so on more than 20 innovative enterprises. YY successful listing on nasdaq in the end of 2011. Lei jun summarizes the Internet thinking is the core of “focus, acme, word of mouth, and fast”. Lei jun led millet transformed successively in this thinking smart phones, set-top boxes, television, and industries such as a router. Why millet can success? Listen to what the founder lei jun said.

in this paper, from the Beijing evening news, the author Jia Zhongshan, hunting cloud network expurgated

“millet model” in the future is also a winner

to ask: jinshan after company listed, you have achieved financial freedom, and is 40 years old, why want to go business

lei jun: at the end of 2007, kingsoft listed after 2 months, my former golden hill CEO, but the heart still have a dream until solved. I used to do the software industry, but also more successful, kingsoft led to Hong Kong. But, I missed the gold in the early years of China’s Internet development stage, and what I struggle of the software industry, has become the Internet business is one of the first to eat. After leaving the jinshan, what I have been reflecting on Internet, why software industry will suffer so big?

I do angel investors after 2007, invested in more than 30 companies, including such as Carla, vancl, UCweb, YY play, tao, etc. In frequent contact with the industry after, I finally figured out why the Internet can again and again devouring the old business world, it is also a millet Internet thinking: dedicated, acme, word of mouth, and fast.

to ask: why entrepreneurship choosing smartphones?

lei jun: millet, entrepreneurship is a way round my dream. After careful research, I decided to from the fire and the user satisfaction is not very high of the smartphone market, which is one of the biggest market of tuyere, made the best of the domestic Internet thinking android smartphones.

millet venture partners, is eight old men, with an average age of more than 40 years old. However, the combination of the characteristics and very obvious: everyone from Google, MOTOROLA, Microsoft, jinshan and other heavyweights, and millet as the life is one of the most important business. Millet co-founder guang-ping zhou to millet said on the first day, if the millet mobile phone do not, he would never do in my life the phone.

to ask: how the idea of entrepreneurship is originally come from?

lei jun: when I was in college to read a book: “the fire of silicon valley”. This is a columnist Michael Mr. Swaine wrote writings about silicon valley startups. “If you have dream to try it, so maybe you can make a world class company.” In the first time I read a book, “the fire of silicon valley” for silicon valley surge wave of technological innovation and entrepreneurship, and knowledge in the school may have done in the hero of the fire, when I was 18, just on the big one.

to ask: why millet can in the smartphone market boom

lei jun: many years later, I tease out the millet company three characteristics: one is to use a geek spirit do product to the extreme, 2 it is to think in the Internet industry off the intermediate links, to kill all the unreasonable profiteering, 3 it is to let the world everyone can enjoy high-quality technology products from China. The future can’t say millet will win, but millet model company is sure to win. It is like after the industrial revolution, the industrial age of company against traditional agricultural era, no matter how long can you resist, you will lose.

entrepreneurial learning ma biggest harvest

to ask: what is thinking at the core of the Internet? Other industries can also do with the Internet thinking things?

lei jun: the Internet is a new methodology, is also a system of a play, think in the Internet can do anything to a product or business, is likely to produce the effects of nuclear explosions. Methodology is the core of Internet word of mouth, there is a beyond user expectations of products and services, the user will naturally word of mouth. In order to do more than expected, millet is a company that is “abnormal”, such as code in order to better, better product quality, each employee to work overtime to add points, until you have your product ready, customer satisfaction, only the steadfast some in my mind.

to ask: business fail? How do you think of failure?

lei jun: university first venture would have failed. When I was in wuhan university with three friends opened a business partnership, do a generic Chinese card, the results soon even been stealing technology, team has become a problem for dinner. The most trouble is four shares, who listen to have a problem? I finally put forward partnership. Years do angel investment, saw the failure, 90% of the company’s entrepreneurship dies, its theme is closed. Startups can feed itself is already very wonderful, it shows that you have become as much as 10% of the enterprises.


40 years old before startup, ever draw lessons from the domestic experience of successful entrepreneurs? Such as liu chuanzhi, ren zhengfei, nearly 40 startup entrepreneurs?

lei jun: learn how to ma, hailing the biggest harvest. I have very seriously study, research the bigwigs of entrepreneurial history, such as ma, li, ma. Hone their entrepreneurial journey harvest is very big, especially ma history. In January of this year, I go to hangzhou and ma talked for 3 hours, the main purpose is to thank you. I learned at 3 o ‘clock when I learn the history of alibaba, Mr Ma himself, of course, may not agree.

this is before I do millet summarize three points: first of all, entrepreneurial background must be a huge market demand, or to the company to make it is not possible. The second point, want to find a super of men. Third, relative to peers, want to have a sum of money to burn forever. Why is that? Sometimes money is man’s bravery. When you have enough money for what you see, can you have the courage to do.

venture investment is for men

to ask: what’s the hardest part of business process?

lei jun: the most difficult is finding. I set up a preliminary goals, if can combine Microsoft, Google and MOTOROLA, the company should be very cow, if find the three company’s top people, I think can have a new machine. I use a long list of excel form, one by one to find a call. I made more than 90 telephone calls, talk about out one by one, I talk to a hardware engineer for ten hours haven’t persuade him, he is not believe millet pattern, or persuade me about dozens of ways not, after all do people have difficulty in understanding millet pattern hardware. I later joked, is that you had money, or I have the money? He must have said you have money, I said, this say Ming I will earn money, you put the money to me, you do the product well. Later, he said it a persuaded him.

to ask: when you select the project value most? Why value most of this?

lei jun: value most. Are not familiar with the investment principle is: I don’t have. Is not familiar with people don’t vote, not not familiar with the field.

question: in your opinion, in today’s China, an Internet companies what essential elements are required to successfully?

lei jun: luck, efforts, and to find the right direction.

to ask: now millet company valuations have over billions dollars, do you have a sense of crisis?

lei jun: I’ve been have a strong sense of awe to entrepreneurship. Because I know that more than 90% of the startups will close, also see a lot of big business ups and downs, so has been on ice.

to ask: from software to do the angel investment, then to do mobile phone, what do you think the same place? Which one is your really like?

lei jun: keep entrepreneurial mindset, sincere and love their engaged in industry. I love most is a startup, angel investment is just a hobby.

to ask: is there a link between your success and the personality?

lei jun: I’m a diligent person in particular, though now as if to say diligence is in others call names. In addition, before doing anything, I would absolutely want to clear again.

question: in your opinion, zhongguancun business environment?

lei jun: zhongguancun has brought together numerous talents, millet in the early going forward is standing on the shoulders of giants, we are working on millet, easily brings together many large companies such as MOTOROLA, Google elite. But the zhongguancun in the past years of efforts, has the good investment environment. The millet do and part lies in the talented person, is part of the capital, leaving the financial support for such a big thing is impossible. It was grew up in a village, the overspending: that let millet came today.

science and technology innovation to financial the wings to fly higher, it can fly farther. Hope the zhongguancun can promote the banking industry to increase support for small micro enterprise.

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