【 sole 】 transmate group completed a new round of $700 million in financing

hunting cloud network news on December 22,

investors to cloud network exclusive, hunting Meituan recently completed a new round of up to $700 million in financing, led to sequoia capital.

“Meituan $700 million financing should be the last round of financing before listing, with the money, Meituan also need not anxious go public money. Sequoia capital very bullish on Meituan, Meituan each round of financing sequoia capital involved.” Activists from the investment community told hunting cloud network.

Meituan network launched in March 2010, when get the sequoia capital, A $12 million investment, in July 2011, alibaba and sequoia capital B round A $50 million investment. In may this year, the news that Meituan received C $300 million round of funding, led agency for trans-atlantic capital, series B investors sequoia capital and alibaba, Meituan C round valuation of $3 billion or so.

this personage to hunt cloud network, says this round of up to $700 million in financing means Meituan valuations of at least $5 billion or more. However, the message has not yet received the official comment.

thousand regiment war Meituan is a procession, but still get from public comment on the challenges, the latter for tencent funding and support after the performance is very active. , according to bloomberg, was quoted as saying, according to people familiar with the public comments on the net is planning to us listings, is to communicate with Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley and deutsche bank. The sources, the public comment on listing could raise $500 million to $1 billion.

travel has experienced four rounds of financing. In January 2006, the public comments on net in the first round of financing, the investor is sequoia capital. In May 2007, the public comments on net for a second round of financing, the investor for Google. In 2011, the public comments on the net get zhi capital letter, sequoia capital, qiming, the speed of light joint venture four $100 million investment, once valued at $1 billion. In 2012 the company plans to get a $60 million investment.

to be sure, tencent also in February of this year to buy public comments on a 20% stake, and the latter provides a micro letter entry, and cooperate on other products. At that time, said in an interview on the public comment on CEO zhang, intends to independent companies, and tend to the American market. Before long, he also predicted that the public comment on the net is expected to be profitable in 2014 at the earliest.

as the public comments on the biggest competitors, Meituan network are also stepping up the pace of expansion, the CEO Mr Wang said last month was considering going public. This also means that the public comments listed Meituan will open to a race.

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