【 hunting cloud morning 】 : nokia will push TV box, baidu heavily in bidding easy money


1. Nokia hundreds of feet, die less rigid

although Microsoft’s forthcoming the company in addition to the smartphone NOKIA (NOKIA). But nokia said, the brand will continue to survive, in the “anything that can be accepted and any relevant local” authorized its brand. Nokia is planning to authorize its brand to a third party vendor, let its use nokia brand products and manufacturing equipment.

RajeevSuri has confirmed in analyst meeting, chief executive of nokia, nokia’s future does not directly manufacture mobile phones, however, he said, nokia is considering the patent licensing fees. Many mobile phone companies expressed concern. Currently, nokia has at least more than 10000 patents. Is a traditional cell phones, nokia is one of the main owner of patent of 2 g and 3 g era, nokia has a large number of WCDMA patents, 4 g era, actively involved in research and development of LTE nokia has considerable LTE patents.

nokia released Monday Twitter news that the company will be released on November 18, a hardware product, and attach a photo of the product. It seems in the picture, this product looks similar to the apple TV set-top boxes, but also may only be a box with nokia LOGO, there are some inside the hardware products. That would mark the nokia in the mobile unit after sale to Microsoft to return to the hardware market.

our first mobile phone is nokia, there may be some nostalgia, so don’t want to nokia to disappear. It is small, in fact, think much, family production nokia mobile phones, but may authorize a third party production, can also by patent wait for money, and developed a new hardware.

2. Apple 7 exposure, or net friend in wishing

the next iPhone 7 with touch screen size will be bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus, and will use the latest version of the sapphire screen. And in addition to using a hardness higher liquid metal to solve the defects of airframe easily bend, 7 will also provide the iPhone 256 gb version and join the projection function.

however, the above statement seems more like an iPhone enthusiast handed out the wish list, and the so-called blue screen, liquid metal fuselage and higher pixel cameras configuration, after a well-known concept designer Martin Hajek launched 7 concepts have emerged in the design of the iPhone, so far from what is the real fact.

6 can you start it, began discussing 7. Well, for has not yet used apple’s prick, small make up also can psychosexuality fruit under 7. I hope I can copy the fruit 7, if there is a national differences, so printing dollars is also very good.

3. Apple unionpay pay, ali cooperation

Apple announced that its App Store App Store has been mainland China users against unionpay payment option has been added, at present, the domestic users via mobile phones or page version of the Apple ID management interface, into account Settings you will find a more “unionpay unionpay” option, can enter your own unionpay debit card or credit card.

after ali listed, along with the expanding, it is seeking cooperation with other major high-tech companies such as apple. Through subsidiaries ant gold, alibaba is also involved in financial services. Mr. Tsai: many specific problems are discussing and solving, Apple to Pay and Pay treasure to cooperate in some way in China. Probably when using Apple iPhone users to Pay Pay, Pay treasure can provide back-end services, because these money for Pay from their paypal account.

world I don’t understand the local tyrants, ali and apple wants to make some people want to pay but is not convenient to take money, anyway, using the MTK small make up don’t care.

4. Ali apple cooperation, baidu quick talk about buy

baidu will be 2 billion yuan to buy quick third-party payment enterprises. Had been located in B2B quick company hope on the C end market. BAT stepped up on the mobile end arrangement of the three, all kinds of application of all income. And the payment industry has maintained a rapid development for many years, annual growth rate is maintained at more than 70%. Quick growing by more than 100% a year, the company is committed to early big industry of agriculture, and thus formed the coverage of online and offline integrated products.

the personage inside course of study points out, if true, pay BAT pattern in the field of battle will upgrade again. But not in the traditional sense of the competition. In recent years, the BAT competition gradually from the traditional Internet products in the financial sector to the Internet. With the advent of the era of mobile Internet, mobile payment has a huge market demand. BAT it will intensify the layout of mobile payment.

BAT, fighting the big three, passers-by only of onlookers. Rival tencent had WeChat pay pay treasure, ali apple thigh cooperation, baidu will buy quick here.

5. Li ka-shing play high-tech, investment artificial meat burger

open after-sale mayonnaise in Hong Kong, the plants of Asia’s richest man li ka-shing for biotech investment another innovation of science and technology, food science and technology companies in the United States Impossible “plant” hamburger Foods inc. Has also held a tasting activities in Hong Kong. It is understood that the burger plan by the end of next year the first listed in the United States, after the may sales in Asia.

it is reported, founded by researchers at the Stanford university biochemistry startup ImpossibleFoods, mainly studies how to make use of plant protein molecular manufacturing is contained in meat and dairy products. Just this month, li ka-shing’s vc harbour investment again, with several of its venture capital companies, including Google, Bill Gates, a total of $75 million (RMB 459 million) invested in the company.

nani, not to say that the main health, green, ecological, organic farming, organic food? How play a high-tech, all aligning with artificial, man-made eggs, artificial meat hamburger. Mommy told me that man-made things can’t eat, it reminded me of some products after drying can be done a condom, and shoes made of jelly. Ah, please return my pure childhood. Ha ha, a joke, Asia’s richest man, others play is high-tech, such as is not a (pronunciation for a fourth time.

6. Listed ctrip ticket business, where to abandon home inns

a few months ago ctrip and with routine business has its own tickets and where to “break up”. Faced with competition, where to also is promoting its cloud open platform strategy, in hope that the future can bind more resources and ctrip’s competition. Recently, where network has been terminated and direct cooperation of home inns hotel group. Have to mention is, where network one of the biggest competitor of ctrip is the home of the first big shareholders, a move that was between the outside world as where to go and ctrip fierce competition in the hotel business in the best footnote.

still can happy play together, the journey after a swim, can’t worry. If you can’t do rich in content, both of you for a head, users will not pay. Anyway, small make up has no plans to travel tips, or can drop.

7. “threat” robots, musk don’t frighten me

Tesla motors (Tesla) and capsules, Elon Musk, the founder of the two companies (Elon Musk) has once again issued a “threat” robot. His comment on learning website Edge.org in the future, according to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) will make future robot can decide to kill humans.

musk said: “this highly dangerous thing will happen in five years, up to 10 years.” Maybe he has realized that this sensational speech sounds may be shelled by netizens, musk added: “I am not in to some I don’t understand what nonsense.”

the world is not good, I thought only some scenes in the movie, tesla’s musk were blended to describe the future of the real world, instantly feel good afraid afraid, want to list a wish list?

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