【 hunting cloud morning 】 : ali $8 billion bond orders up to 7 times


ali want 8 billion dollars, an investor for $57 billion

alibaba group, the issue of corporate bonds trading orders received $57 billion worth of investors, at least compared to sell $8 billion plan, the subscription ratio reached more than 7 times, allowing the underwriters cut its planned yields. Banks underwriting the deal would cut up to 0.27% annual interest, the highest for the is the longest period of corporate bonds.

the alibaba group, the group of corporate bonds is expected to be formally released today, the size of its orders shows that at a record $25 billion raised in September after IPO (initial public offering) listing, investors a high demand for its bonds. The group currently has 11 billion dollars in loans and lines of credit, it said in a statement on November 13, will use the income from the bond of certain credit agreement to refinance.

finally understand why women can’t put their bodies maintain good, beauty care. Temperament outstanding female paper, you want to bag, they pay, still send custom dress. As long as you want, someone will give you more. Small make up again with all nobody to send bag, felling happy!

ZenPayroll raised $20 million, almost all well-known founder of silicon valley in

cloud salary management startup ZenPayroll has just revealed more than 50 angel investors, the company had been not disclose relevant information. From the point of the list of disclosure, the list is like “who’s who” in silicon valley. PayPal co-founder Max column uche (Max Levchin) also said: “to investment with excellent entrepreneurs and venture capital companies, is indeed a very good thing.” ZenPayroll want to solve the problem of salary management, but also hope that by providing more forthright cloud system to streamline the traditional suppliers such as ADP and Paychex complex system problems. ZenPayroll cloud system can automatically calculate and pay tax, but also can directly provide deposit services to employees. In addition, ZenPayroll application can pass the paperless way to submit all government documents related to salary, at the same time also can help employees easy part of the money directly from the accounting books donated to charity.

since early this year, ZenPayroll has promoted three times the salary treatment rate, currently has hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the United States to provide processing of up to $1.5 billion in salary management services. ZenPayroll plans to use the latest financing the expansion of the market, and ultimately provide service for larger companies.

4 g version of the Air 2 listed recently, apple, cabbage prices stimulate download

apple model for A1567 and A1600 two device won the ministry of industry and network access license, A1567 is 4 g version of the Air 2. The 4 g version of the Air 2 and 3 g version of the mini 3 will be available in the near future. Prices, is expected to be more expensive than a wi-fi version of the new device 900 yuan.

apple new price strategy, paying users list has changed significantly, 1 yuan application success from the forefront of the list. Because recently announced apple with unionpay cooperation, and cooperation is the premise of apple users binding unionpay card, so this is widely thought to depreciate sales promotion or related to cooperation. This round of adjustment is the adjustment of the overall strategy of apple for China, the hope that through to lower the price of minimum payment application, then promote actively downloading behavior of users.

the original 8 pieces of 10 piece, even more than 30, all as long as 1 yuan. 1 yuan to buy the disadvantaged, buy don’t fall for it, can be downloaded in the App Store to pay the application of the original. Small make up really want to contribute a 10 8 block, no way, money is so capricious, but small make up only MTK.

58 city $300 million O2O 58 home service

58 city announced its new brand “58 home”, and at the same time launched 20 cities within 7 days of free of charge. 58 city, according to CEO and chairman Yao Jinbo 58 home over the next three years will invest $300 million, 58 home business support, also announced 58 city chief strategy officer xiao-hua Chen concurrently home business as a CEO. 58 home occupy the scene as the core of home products, services for Yao Jinbo stressed that yourself to make the KPI for the xiao-hua Chen is very simple, is the single amount exceed 100000 single.

since July, 58 got home in the country has begun to 20 cities including cleaning, manicure, moving nearly 10 door-to-door life services such as total orders grew by more than 100% growth. In the just-concluded double tenth one activity on the same day, more than 55000 people, only Beijing turnout. 58 home business do not worry about the amount of single at present stage, and more worried about the shortage of service number, 58 home will also establish service personnel training system. After Yao Jinbo nicknamed by 58 to build a “lanxiang” in the field of service.

how door-to-door service will bring traditional stores, maybe just the butterfly effect is the most to start stage of the wings, hunting cloud network accompany you witness the upheaval.

millet have obtained the approval document of mobile telecommunication resale business

ministry of 20 to eight private enterprises to extend the fourth batch of resale business pilot approval for mobile communications, including millet. Resale for mobile communications enterprises after the pilot to get approval for resale business for mobile communications, that is, from basic telecommunication business operators to buy mobile communication service, repackaging service content, with their own brands including mobile voice business SMS, MMS, mobile data services, such as mobile communications business. But the resale companies may still need to do some preparation work before the business, such as perfecting the billing, customer service system, etc. Miit will closely follow up the progress of pilot, help enterprise for resale to solve the problems, let the masses of users to enjoy mobile communication business of private enterprises to carry out as soon as possible.

so, according to the urine of millet which which have a leg, to sell the millet mobile phone card? Small make up do not worry about what will become of millet to eat many, only worry about much perfection of the millet nutrition than rice.

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